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  • Community Leadership Institute is seeking for Freelance Training Consultants

    The Community Leadership Institute- West Africa (CLIWA) is actively seeking for freelance (independent) Training Consultants to add to its expanding training team.

    Our ideal Training Consultant will deliver training to CLIWA’s clients on the following topics:

    1. Project Lifecycle Management
    2. Monitoring and Evaluation
    3. Communication  and Social Medias Management
    4. Strategic Planning
    5. Procurement Management
    6. Financial Management
    7. Gender and Development
    8. Peace and Conflict Resolution.
    9. Marketing and Sales Management
    10. Customer service management

    . Successful candidates are creative thinkers with motivational energy, and a team player attitude, able to adapt to learning needs for all levels of employees and management. Training Consultant must have a sound understanding of  training needs in Liberia and organizational development techniques.

    Desired Skills and Experience 

    At least 2 years of training facilitation required along with experience in delivering training to  professional, organizations . Must be creative and energetic.

    Training content design experience  and workshop facilitation is a must .

    Additional requirements include: 

    At least a Bachelor´s degree in related topics selected by the consultant.

    Working knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite (Excel, Word, PowerPoint) 

    Strong oral and written communication skills. 

    Knowledge of Training module design. 

    Familiarity with CSOs in Liberia is a plus.

    Ability to relate to all levels of management and employees with ease and enthusiasm 

    If interested in this position, please send cover letter ( indiquating the thematic area you are applying for ) and resume to:   with Email Subject : Training Consultant

    For further information kindly call 077 0343 744

  • Strengthening African Civil Society Organizations

    A wide range of civil society organizations ( CSOs) are central to processes of change and positive outcomes in advancing sustainable development at local level .

    But these strong agents of change face a range of organizational challenges in their efforts to grow and sustain their impact, particularly around issues related to leadership, human resources, funding, vision and strategy, values and organizational culture.

    Today even when funders and INGOs do invest in organizational capacity development, they often fail to respond to local organizations's needs and use organization development models that are inadequate or ineffective . The actual capacity building provided by the donors is to help CSOs comply with the donors needs and requirement during the project implementation phase, and may not effectively support the long-term development needs of local organizations.

    To address this gap, The Community Leadership Institute -West Africa was established to play the role of CSOs support centre and to provide them with continuous coaching , mentoring support.

    The Community Leadership Institute - West Africa is dedicated to professional excellence and rigor and to providing an affordable, high-quality education and training  to pre-college, college, graduate, CSOs and lifelong learners.

    Our trainers and staff are committed to the holistic development of today’s community based organizations and young professional in a nurturing and diverse environment that prepares them to be successful in implementing sustainable development initiatives and in a dynamic workforce.

    The Institute affirms its open admissions policy and its strong support of critical thinking, intellectual inquiry, global awareness, civic responsibility, and cultural and artistic appreciation.

    Our purpose

    1. To conduct Project Audit and Monitoring and Evaluation

    2. To help set up the Financial Management and reporting systems for both Ngos and Non-Ngos

    3. To build the capacity of Civil Society Organizations in Advocacy, Networking, Communication and Project Lifecycle Management.

    4. To help CSOs establish network for transparency and Accountability at local government level 

    5. To support NTFPs producers and Social Business for market establishment

    6. To facilitate the implementation of Local and international development projects and programs.

    7. To train young graduate and professional in project managment; communication; advocacy and data collection.

    8. To support CSOs in fundraising; proposal writing and donor relationship management

    9. To facilitate Local and international conferences and provide translation services

    10. To provide affordable website to business and CSOs

    11. To implement projects on behalf of partners and donors

    12. To serve as  Translation and language training centre in West Africa

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