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Community Leadership Institute-West Africa


The Community Leadership Institute - West Africa is dedicated to professional excellence and rigor and to providing an affordable, high-quality education and training  to pre-college, college, graduate, CSOs and lifelong learners.

Our trainers and staff are committed to the holistic development of today‚Äôs community based organizations and young professionals in a nurturing and diverse environment that prepares them to be successful in implementing sustainable development initiatives and in a dynamic workforce.

The Institute affirms its commitment to support CSOs through organizational development, coaching and mentorship in order to make their work more effective and easier.

Our purpose

  1. To conduct Project Audit and Monitoring and Evaluation

  2. To help set up the Financial Management and reporting systems for both Ngos and Non-Ngos

  3. To build the capacity of Civil Society Organizations in Advocacy, Networking, Communication and Project Lifecycle Management.

  4. To help CSOs establish network for transparency and Accountability at local government level 

  5. To support NTFPs producers and Social Business for market establishment

  6. To facilitate the implementation of Local and international development projects and programs.

  7. To train young graduates and professionals in project managment; communication; advocacy, monitoring and evaluation,  data collection.

  8. To support CSOs in fundraising; proposal writing and donor relationship management

  9. To facilitate Local and international conferences and provide translation services

  10. To provide affordable website to business and CSOs

  11. To implement projects on behalf of partners and donors

  12. To serve as  Translation and language training centre in West Africa 


Our process of matching the best tutor to meet your capacity building requirements includes doing an assessment of your needs.


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