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Our solutions 


We provide the following solutions

  • Organizational Development : we organize in house training for NGOs, CSOs, CBOs in proposal writing, report writing, communication  and social medias campaigning. We also support your organization to Set up your Financial Management and reporting systems, to develop  strategic plan, communication plan, fundraising strategy.


  • Consultancy Services: We conduct project Audit and Monitoring and Evaluation, baseline assessment for projects and programs, market study for commercial companies and financial institutions.  


  • Professional Development and Education: we provide short courses for young graduates and professionals in Project lifecycle managment; Communication management; Monitoring and Evaluation;  Procurement Management; Healh and Safety Management; Grant writing ; Business Administration; Marketing and Customer Relationship Management.


  • Translation and Interpretation Services: we provide interpretation service  ( French- English and Portuguese )for international conferences; business meeting.


  • International Language Centre: we provide training in interpretation and translation of international languages; we organize language classes for young graduates and professionals.



Our process of matching the best tutor to meet your capacity building requirements includes doing an assessment of your needs.

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